Shamu Stadium Upgrade, Sea World
Client: Rudolph and Sletten

Prior to a recent remodel, the 5,000-seat Shamu stadium at Sea World San Diego featured a Pacific Northwest theme with gargantuan totem poles, constructed of a concrete superstructure with a fiberglass and Styrofoam façade that measured three stories in height. In one of the most high-profile and environmentally-sensitive scenarios imaginable, Casper Company’s chief task was to remove the pole structures, along with the existing stage at the main stadium—without allowing any dust or debris to contaminate the five pools that surround the venue and house Sea World’s most famous attraction, Shamu.

Casper committed six-person crews to be available for extended shifts during the 10-day scheduled demolition, during which the massive totem poles were core-drilled in 10-foot sections and removed to a laydown area in the parking lot using a crane with a 300-foot boom to reach over the stadium. To ensure “zero contamination” to the highly-regulated whale habitat, Casper crews collected any debris that dropped from the totem poles while the pieces were removed above.