Concrete Cutting

Casper Company specializes in a number of asphalt- and concrete-cutting services tailor-made for our customer’s needs:

  • Asphalt & Concrete Cutting—Casper Company has a wide array of saws available—both gas and electric—for virtually any cutting depth or requirement. Our skilled craftsmen can provide simple pavement cutting to elaborate decorative cuts that enhance the beauty of a building’s design.
  • Core Drilling—Casper provides core drilling for interior or exterior spaces up to a 42” diameter and for various depths—that’s really getting to the core of the matter!
  • Wall Sawing—Casper Company has the right tools for the job! An updated wall sawing equipment for even the most complex openings.
  • Green Sawing—New construction can also benefit from Casper’s expertise. Casper crews have been called upon to provide green sawing—cutting joints in newly-poured or “green” concrete—a technique that is used to control random cracking in the concrete. This often-precision process requires real skill in order to achieve superior results—and Casper delivers the right cut every time!

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