Experts in dismantling entire buildings, Casper also has a more delicate side when it comes to soft demolition. Casper’s highly-trained and conscientious interior demolition crews can selectively remove interior finishes and equipment while leaving the remainder of a building intact.

Casper’s Precision Preserves History

Renovations of historic sites—like a luxury hotel built in 1928 and the 200-year-old former First National Bank building that were transformed for new uses—can be completed while expertly salvaging remnants of the past. Experienced Casper crews work with surgical precision to remove selected parts of the building without damage to the surrounding structure, making way for modernization and reuse.

Efficiency Keeps Operations Up and Running

Businesses that need to maintain operations while undergoing major construction and modifications have counted on Casper to work quickly and efficiently. Casper takes pride in its ability to manage challenging projects—often requiring turning-on-a-dime planning and management—including demolition in an occupied space that must remain as clean and dust-free as possible.


Casper Company has provided exterior demolition services for some pretty well-known landmarks around Southern California—like making way for a new Shamu exhibit at Sea World or preserving a national treasure like the Top Gun Tower at the Marine Corps Air Station at Miramar. Although many of our clients aren’t quite so famous, Casper demolition experts are always prepared to take on any size project with the utmost care and safety.

Our Tools Pack a Wallop

tools pack a wallopDemolition technology has come a long way since the jackhammer. Casper Company maintains our competitive advantage by providing the right size and power to get the job done. With three types of excavators at our disposal—ranging from a 53,000-lb machine to our “big bertha” that, at nearly double the size—weighing in at 101,000 lbs and wielding a massive 10,000-lb breaker—can take on just about anything that stands in its way.

Here’s How We Break it Down

Casper Company has been family-owned and operated since 1984.

At Casper Company, our crews are available 24/7 to serve any of your concrete cutting, demolition or hazardous-materials abatement needs.

Clients like the US Navy, Sony Corporation and San Diego City Schools count on our well-maintained fleet of specialized trucks and heavy equipment that are radio dispatched and monitored to get the job done.

Casper Company has a reputation in the industry for quality work, developing repeat client relationships built on trust, and providing cost-effective construction techniques that always have your best interests in mind.

From the first concrete cut to the last cleanup, Casper Company professionally handles your project from start to finish.

In the hazardous materials and demolition arenas, which pose unique challenges on every assignment, Casper Company’s safety record is a cut above the competition.

 This company earns 5 stars for their exceptional professionalism, attention to detail and price. Bryan did a perfect job just as I asked. Took additional time to make sure he protected what was personal to me. I would not hesitate to recommend or use them again. The did what I call outside the box work and thinking to complete my job. 

– Big D.

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